quarters and milkweed


Captain Annie in the 50s House

Transcend, transcend, transcend….but feeling awfully earthly. Achey with some sickness to which I hitherto refuse to be host! Mired in paperwork and impending debt! Ah, the late fall. Vermont, you pretty witch!

I’m reminded of how much I think Buddhism is right, that all our suffering is caused by desiring t h i n g s. The internet, it ought to be all gossamer and chit-chat at best, but it turns into this mass of vanity and commerce. It always makes me want to buy something! Honestly, advertising greases its wheels. As long as I can read about previously undiscovered sea creatures and weirdo museums and articles like this I guess I’ll be ok. There are so many things that cannot be possessed and that don’t need to be created!

Really, this boils down to the hateful work of retail, against which every fiber in my being revolts..it’s just against all I consider principled. I’m ever looking forward to returning to school next year so I can eventually professionally sit in cool, appropriately-lit rooms and organize ancient papers, which I do on my free time anyway. To preservation!

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