neue york


I miss New York. This hasn’t happened in a while. And while it was often dreadful to be there in January, I’m looking forward to visiting then. I wish I could be there before Christmas to relive one of my favorite memories, of riding the #1 bus down 5th avenue from the fine art library uptown, listening to “reality asylum” by Crass and looking at all the twinkly lights in the fancy shops.

I thought to list everything I want to do, and this ought to be better than one of those countless slips of paper that line my shelves and pockets.

. the Tim Burton show at MoMA with my No. 1 Goth, Diane
. the Neue Galerie & Café Sabarsky (I’ll save my pennies for that one). I’ve been trying to track down images of this one drawing by Alfred Kubin from “The Other Side” that I saw the last time I was there and if I don’t find it before then, I’ll have to bother somebody about it.
. Catherine mentioned a Samurai show at the Met.
. Milon (happy birthday Indian food fire hazard wonderland) for samosas et cetera. It’ll be just like the old days. Maybe the dosa man is still around? He is probably too famous.
. Obscura & Evolution
I don’t even know what other shows are happening. Chelsea? If my museum badge gets me in anywhere for free I will have to finally go to the Pierpont Morgan Library and if all else fails, the Cloisters. Maybe some music? I will likely want to eat a vegan BLT at Red Bamboo. And some frites from Pommes Frites. Hell, throw Veselka and Yaffa in there. I certainly need to eat a pizza pie with Adam and go to Coney Island: the winter version. I always liked going to the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park which is really just across the way from the Museum of Natural History…and I’ll have to get some hot nuts from Nuts 4 Nuts. I love hot nuts. I shall leave it at that for now.

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