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I should have tried harder at being in New York, but the weather was often beautiful (except for this day when we went to MoMA) and I ate nearly everything I wanted to, so I’d say it was a success. I am really good at missing things, like all of this. Nooo! But we went […]



Oh my gosh! Whilst perusing this in preparation for my little city trip this weekend, I remembered another very important celebrity crush: Max Beckmann. I dearly love all the so-called “Degenerates,” the German expressionists and the Vienna Secessionists, et cetera. But Mr. Beckmann’s self portraits (even when he was getting pudgy and older) all exude […]


I like this interview at Coilhouse with Kris Kuski. “Burn your clothes and belongings and money, have a sharp chiseled stone to catch food and a grass hut to keep shelter! Or realize we live a world that is consumed by false beliefs and agreements and try to live your life without taking it all […]



This is what I drew today. It’s not that great. I watched The Cove while I was making it, and now I’m mad. Have you seen it? It’s a documentary about dolphin exploitation. So I thought I’d round up all my piss and vinegar and write an angry post. There are few things I get […]

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May I take a break from extracting money from the state to present, ladies and gentlemen, the prettiest damn dishes I’ve ever seen. I love the’s gunmetal silvery. A cursory search would have us believe these were made for FW Woolworth in 1950. They came from Nick’s Papou. Look at that design! So pretty. […]



Although I like a New Year’s resolution as much as anyone, I favor the “why not start being better right now?” school. That’s convenient because right now is the new year. And because I happen to be steeped in an existential morass. I have no job (again), and not much vim and vigor for anything […]

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I have started reading maybe 5 books this year, and I finished one (that doesn’t include this.) “I could turn him into a fly and drop him into a spider’s web and watch him tangled and helpless and struggling, shut into the body of a dying buzzing fly; I could wish him dead until he […]


I had a dream a couple of nights ago that it was suddenly spring, but I hadn’t noticed (probably because in reality it had been snowing for many hours and would continue to snow until we had 32.9 inches). Thus it was May-ish and I hadn’t started any seedlings so I was very upset that […]