I had a dream a couple of nights ago that it was suddenly spring, but I hadn’t noticed (probably because in reality it had been snowing for many hours and would continue to snow until we had 32.9 inches). Thus it was May-ish and I hadn’t started any seedlings so I was very upset that I would fail at pickles again.

Last night I had a dream that featured Spike, as in Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer from tee vee. I am one of those people who became obsessed with Buffy in the DVD years, though not the first time around. I don’t remember what happened, I really meant to write it down, but it reminded me of my Celebrity Crush of 2009 List. I did write that down somewhere. I’m not much for year end lists, especially since it’s 2010 now (which I think I will be calling ‘ought-ten’). But for posterity. All I can remember is Spike.

At first I thought he was a lame excuse for a badass type character but he is actually cool, despite his hair. Mostly because of his car and musical taste.

My celebrity crushes are mostly on fictional characters. Next up is Toki from Metalocalypse.

I am only now realizing the creepy extent to which I am not alone in my choices but that really doesn’t need to be explored. No thank you, internet.

Who else? My all time celebrity crushes are mostly on dead folks. This comes in handy for many reasons.

Inexplicably, Peter Lorre.

Bela Lugosi, the love of my afterlife.

Let’s just follow this theme to its natural conclusion.

Everything gets awfully predictable from thereon in…Klaus Kinski, Nick Cave..boring! I’ll remember the rest.

The best year end list: 2009 Necrology! Although there are some glaring omissions (Vic Chesnutt, Rowland S Howard…

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