Although I like a New Year’s resolution as much as anyone, I favor the “why not start being better right now?” school. That’s convenient because right now is the new year. And because I happen to be steeped in an existential morass. I have no job (again), and not much vim and vigor for anything past completing school applications for the fall and a few little visits about the country. I’ve checked out books on Norwegian and Swedish folk art (Winterly inspiration from those who’ve seen worse than 2 degrees) and books on herbs (hops for insomnia), but some real, tangible results are preferable.

So, I’m going to make one thing a day. I made this the other day (yesterday? the days are running together..)


Not terribly original. It ought to have been a card, and still could be, but it would be upside down.

This is my first official entry.


The rabbit is suspended in glass. I’ve got piles of frames and bits and bobs and reams and reams of old paper so I needn’t buy anything for this. And I’m hoping that eventually all of that flotsam and jetsam will mutate into something more easily and pleasantly gotten rid of. Hopefully I’ll soon be better equipped to shuffle off this existential crisis, thanks to bunnies and magic tea. That would be nicer than drinking my way out of it.

4 Responses to “materialising”

  1. 1 diastema

    I love these, Annie.

    I think the fox (or wolf?) would make a super card. The upside-downedness makes it extra special.

    Winter is an ideal time for turning bits and bobs and paper and thread into all sorts of wonderful things. You’ve inspired me to turn my own ephemera into art and I can’t wait to see more of your creations!



  2. 2 j4

    sounds like a great plan to me. wish i could say more, but one of my resolutions is to spend less time on the internets and get to sleep at a reasonable hour. thus, i am a little punch drunk with melatonin. maybe we can have a winter wonderland meetup one of these weekends. miss you missus xo.

  3. 3 miameow


    I love the bunny. he cheers me in this cold wintry night, and i applaud your efforts overall. are you still considering lib school? i’d be happy to talk about that if so.


  4. 4 dummmy

    if this is just the start I can’t wait to see what comes by Feb.

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