This is what I drew today. It’s not that great. I watched The Cove while I was making it, and now I’m mad. Have you seen it? It’s a documentary about dolphin exploitation. So I thought I’d round up all my piss and vinegar and write an angry post.

There are few things I get as riled up about as I do about eating fish, and by extension, dolphins and other sea critters. Really. Ask anyone with whom I’ve eaten sushi. I’ve been a vegetarian for over ten years. I grew up on a farm where all the meat we ate, we (meaning my parents) had raised. All the pigs, chickens and cows that crossed our table, we knew their names. That’s an ideal, and a privilege, I know. We didn’t eat much fish, aside from fish sticks, for many reasons. I had catfish once and I will never, ever eat shrimp (even though it’s a bottom feeder).

My own experience and biases aside, I find eating fish (not to mention all animals, but I digress) irresponsible. Let’s be honest, we just can’t relate to them. (Many vegetarians are expected to eat fish because of this, I think. (super fucked up!)) So we the fishing industry plunders the oceans and rivers because many people find them to be a tasty protein source. Problems: because people don’t live in oceans and rivers, mercury and other pollutants end up in them, and in turn, end up in the fish. Problem: they seem so abundant, with their fluid populations and transient ways, that they’ve been horrendously depopulated. Problem: it’s not so easy to tell that that’s happening.

Most of the fault lies with the industry. But aren’t people taking more responsibility for what they eat? Huge food industries lie to you. There is a very long chain behind most things available to eat. ESPECIALLY if those things were once alive.

It’s impossible to remove myself from the issue, I guess. I just wish it was easier to choose to eat what’s fucking RIGHT to eat. What’s best for everyone and everything. Not privileging ourselves, but privileging the goddamned ecosystem that we are still part of, try as we might to escape it. If only our food source was as simple as the darling Venus Flytrap’s.

Ok. We get riled up over all the food movies, and we get mad at corporations for taking advantage of us, for making it so easy to get fat on fast food and get poisoned by mercury. It’s aaalllll based on money! Not humanity, or kindness, or nourishment. What’s the solution? There’s no easy one. I guess I feel good about not eating meat and buying my organic carrots and potatoes from local sources. But I don’t know what’s right, aside from not exploiting dolphins! Ric O’Barry fucking rules! And I think, unfortunately, that SeaWorld might be evil.

2 Responses to “nibbles.”

  1. The changes that you make to your lifestyle need to be ones that you can stick to. Eco Friendly

  2. 2 j4

    missed the cove when it was on at the angelika – thanks for this btw. i started to read eating animals late last year and had to put it down because it was really challenging my fish eating rationalizations. jsf without wincing laid it all out there not secondary to a decision to not eat mammals…it’s something i’ve known long enough, but rationalized the same way as i rationalized eating meat when i used to. it’s so easy to become numb and complacent, which is only a hair away from being dead. i don’t wanna be dead.

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