Oh my gosh! Whilst perusing this in preparation for my little city trip this weekend, I remembered another very important celebrity crush: Max Beckmann.

I dearly love all the so-called “Degenerates,” the German expressionists and the Vienna Secessionists, et cetera. But Mr. Beckmann’s self portraits (even when he was getting pudgy and older) all exude this very engaging and disquieting self possession. I bet he was a real firecracker.

And, unrelatedly, I’ve already found reasons to make a better-weather trip back to NYC because there will be, at the Morgan Library, an exhibit of the hours of Catherine of Cleves. I really like those

Demons and Devotion

One Response to “addendum”

  1. 1 j4

    caught up with beckmann last time i was up in haaavahd

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