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When I nearly worked in fashion, I found out that Coco Rocha is gorgeous. In a spooky way. So this is ridiculous. But she is fabulous.

moving pictures


I love this, and this, two movie title stills collections, from which the following three came. (Via this, linked here.) The old ones are so lovely. They were made for the big screen, but I know I’m not the only one who likes taking pictures of the tee vee.


My favorite conversations are the ones when I can say, “I’ve been to his grave!”


also, updated running list of must-dos in other locales: Victorian photocollage at the Met Still, the Hours of Catherine of Cleves at the Morgan My sister has informed that I will be allowed to fulfill my dreams of bowling at the Punk Rock Bowling tourney in Vegas. Wish the Adolescents were playing again, but still, […]



Not quite one a day, but that isn’t always the point. detail:

Good-bye to Alexander McQueen, one of the best people who made it ok to be creepy. Once upon a time I worked near fashion, in textiles, and during fashion week, it was my job to track down images of our fabrics on the runways. Down the rabbit hole of I’d go, bored until no […]

Phineas Gage


He’s famous.