I went to Disneyland a couple weeks ago, with my sister and her people. It was fun, but Disneyland is slipping away from me. This is pretty huge. For the past few years, Disneyland has been my happy place. I would always rather be at the Haunted Mansion. Maybe it’s because it was a Sunday (and therefore busy). Generally terrible things have been afoot there, however, which I first read about a while back (here, here). I couldn’t bring myself to go on It’s a Small World. Here is a great review of the changes, from a blog that reviews these kinds of changes, by Disney employees. Hello, Mary Blair! We’re sorry! I can’t even imagine how it must feel to have been going there since the 60s. At least I’ve got my Viewmaster set to take me back in time.

Anyway. Here’s a ghost. And a swan in progress.

Things everyone has seen because they’ve been in better places:

Lynn Yaeger on COLLECTING. I collect squished souvenir pennies, Abraham Lincoln memorabilia (especially other people’s photos of the Lincoln Memorial), vintage picture frames, and old matchbooks. Which leads us to Advanced Style. And still, I do not miss New York. I’m over you, Big Apple! Austin is calling my name.

Advice well heeded for the perpetually late via Gala Darling


This is exceptionally cool. Little Women played in Burlington a few months ago and were really terrific and nice. And here they have written about our own gleaming ruby of a musician, Ryan Power.
I agree entirely.

It’s a beautiful day so I’d say the only appropriate thing to do now is go for a bike ride and eat ice cream. I saw crocuses earlier!

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