I covet this poster pretty hard

I like vampire movies. I love crappy vampire movies, like The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman, aka La Noche de Walpurgis, aka Werewolf Shadow. It was made in 1970 as a coproduction between Spain and Mexico and it’s ridiculous. I want this! Then there’s Jean Rollin, who doesn’t exactly make crappy movies so much as campy, deliciously exploitative, seedy-sexy art movies. Like Requiem Pour Un Vampire. (Agent Lover and I both have girl crushes on Pony Castel. We are not alone.)

My favorite vampire movie is I Vampiri. It was made in 1956, in about a dozen days, on a bet between Freda and Bava. It’s really gorgeous. A close second is Let The Right One In. Who didn’t love that? My friend Michael told me about it, and I saw it in the theater. I told my daddy about it, and he went to rent it, but he forgot what it was called, and he made a terrible mistake and came home with TWILIGHT. I told him he had made a terrible mistake. Fuck that!

Just because I cannot abide by sparkling teen vamps does not mean I revile pop culture’s love for the creatures of the night. Case in point: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It ended years ago, and I didn’t watch it the first time around, nor in syndication. Snob! No, it took Deathdog’s prodding to let Buffy back in my heart (she had me with the movie, but come on). After a couple years, I found myself at the end of season six. That was months ago, and when Netflix offered up season 7 to WATCH INSTANTLY (tool of SATAN, I heart you), I knew I was ready for the end. ‘Cause I can watch that shit all over again. The end is nigh!

I really, really love this show. It’s funny, and smart, and it’s for sure on the list of things that Make It OK To Be Creepy. I love it even though everyone wears awful shoes. Even the Breeders and Aimee Mann loved it. I love the times when something totally epic is happening and it makes your heart swell, it’s so cool, even though the heroine is wearing a turtleneck sweater and the bad guy is sorta hokey.

Also, both Spike and Angel are high on my celebrity crush list. (I love Bones too! What the hell! TV! Angel sucked kinda though.) So thank you, Joss Whedon, king nerd.

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