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bits and bobs


A few weeks ago I went to New Hampshire to partake in THE THING IN THE SPRING. My friend Eric curates shows and his lady/also my friend Mary curates art events; this time around it was an open studio tour and she invited me to show art alongside her work, as well as that of […]


The oil! Up close, in chunks. Sick. I hope this works, but likely, it won’t. It’s CNN, after all. And then there’s Tennessee. Enough!

dead sea


As if everything we have already done was not enough to show the ocean that We Do Not Care…there is this oil thing. And there is NOTHING WE CAN DO. As if we have dominion over them. We Do Not. I believe that individuals care, but our entire infrastructure is based on lack of concern […]

mystical shit


Shit has been getting mystical in the creative ether. I’ve been drawing wolves and rabbits in fucking wizard hoods, and I couldn’t tell you why. I think it’s just an appealing aesthetic that can afford to be opaque. Because it’s mystical. Conjuring up images of pentagrams and numerology and stuff that I find really interesting […]