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A few weeks ago I went to New Hampshire to partake in THE THING IN THE SPRING. My friend Eric curates shows and his lady/also my friend Mary curates art events; this time around it was an open studio tour and she invited me to show art alongside her work, as well as that of Emily Drury and Rachel Garceaux (who now owns the yellow moon bunny). It was super pleasant and motivating to get some work done!

Bees, and new Dangerpaws print

My own personal print sweatshop

We camped in their yard and saw some bands, like VT’s own Happy Birthday.

Mary D Goldthwaite and family's work

Happy Birthday

And since we got back I have been working approx. 9 days a week.

Bonus! All of these via treasure hoarder extraordinaire Angeliska:

Paris Gawks Again at the Guillotine I very very badly want to see this show. Can I maybe go nutsy cuckoo and make it happen? Oh god. REALLY. Look. Géricault!

13 Words not Found in the English Language Really lovely words, they’d make great and generally unpronounceable blog names.

Patti Smith on Kids are People Too Amazing! Patti Smith rappin’ with the kids!

Strangely Familiar: Acrobats, Athletes, and Other Traveling Troupes — photographs by Michal Chelbin Neato book.

These last two lead nicely into a show currently on view at the Shelburne Museum, where I work, on the American Circus from 1870-1950. The museum has a beautiful collection of circus posters, and it’s making me very excited, and I just checked out a bunch of books on the circus and fairs and whatnot. But that’s for another day.

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