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The last time I watched a movie when I was left alone, it was The Cove. Yikes! This time it was House of the Devil. I’ve wanted to see it since I heard about it, but tonight was the NIGHT. I loved it, even though it got a little hokey hoke, I was skeered. Especially […]

It’s true; Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is 50 years old. I found that out in this article which is actually a good read even though it’s on I super heart Hitchcock. His movies are classy, funny, everyone looks great, and even when they’re not at all scary, there’s something creepy happening. You have to pay […]

I like birds


Also, I made a thing. For my sister’s birthday. They’re all birds who live in Vermont and of whom we saw lots while growing up in the sticks; nobody too fancy. We had a lot of Blue Jays too but those guys are jerks. 1. Barn Swallow 2. Great Blue Heron 3. Cardinal 4. Black […]



Recently the fair Queen City of Burlington and its environs have been mildly beset and besieged by a pair of plagues and nonsense. The first is the dreaded castaways of the BLACK POPLAR gone to seed. There is fuzz everywhere. It swirls in the air. It is lovely and enchanting at first. But then! It […]

I only just found out about Louise Bourgeois! She died 2 days ago at age 98. I bet she was making art right until the end. *Edit: she was. That was how she lived. She just had to make. She was kind of a dirty old lady and I love her for that. She’s holding […]