The last time I watched a movie when I was left alone, it was The Cove. Yikes! This time it was House of the Devil.

I’ve wanted to see it since I heard about it, but tonight was the NIGHT. I loved it, even though it got a little hokey hoke, I was skeered. Especially because of two extenuating circumstances:

#1. A house centipede ran out from under the couch. I was sitting on the floor and I hate house centipedes. I killed him with a linoleum block!

#2. The moon is almost full! The moon was full in the movie, and there was an eclipse, too. Clearly the devil is nigh.

So I was scared! I took some pictures of the moon, then I googled UNICORN CHASER because although I like the creepy I’m a wusssss. And it took me here, giving me this:

Which has a link back to an article about HOUSE CENTIPEDES. Bedeviled! Vicious cycles! Eek! I needed a unicorn chaser for my unicorn chaser and you do too. Someone suggested a Throbbing Gristle Chaser! Brilliant!

But here’s this too!

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