museum gossip


Just so we’re clear it has been roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun has set and it is now roughly 200 degrees. This is how hot:

Nobunny loves you! It’s so hot that I put my phone in the garbage and left it there for a very long time. Anyway.

I  love art and museums, and I love juicy stories having to do with museums and art. Juicy meaning, more often than not, disturbingly irreverent. My favorite course in University as an art history major was about Iconoclasm, and my final project for the class was about the Degenerate Art exhibit in Munich, 1937, as an act of iconoclasm by the Nazis. The context there is enormously fascinating and creepy and immoral, as are all things Nazi to me. The rest of the course was about destruction, theft, vandalism, politics, provenance, decay…everything that the Museum tries to hide. It’s all what made me want to become an archivist rather than a curator. (I really cannot wait to be a librarian.) My mom sent me this clipping:

…and it’s really exciting. The catalog for the Degenerate Art exhibit at LACMA from like 15 years ago does an excellent job of laying down what was in the exhibit, even where it was, but the focus was less on where everything is now. So I’m excited. This is also fascinating, having to do with Hitler’s dream museum that he wanted to build in his hometown; the whole story of that really underlies his megalomania, his naivete, his pathological ethic, amorality, etc.: 13th Linz Album Returned.

A book I do own is this one:

I just bought it, but I fell in love with it years back when I was writing about the habitat dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History, aka I was writing about taxidery and wunderkammers. Swoon! Such a good book, a very different kind of juicy, juicy like flesh eating beetles and stuff in jars. I want to work for a science museum. Speaking of, here is an interesting article about the diversity of those: The Thrill of Science.

It seems though that my perverse tastes are spreading! Behold this book review: Antiques Beach Reading. Yeah!

I love that just like we always bought owls and Margaret Way romance novels for my Grandma, and cows and chicken figurines for my mom, people send me this kind of stuff. And there has been lots of art theft/return lately, no?

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