It’s no secret that I love Disney. Really, I love Old Disney. Snow White, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, especially Bambi…they are all spectacularly beautiful movies. And I love Disneyland. I don’t have a time machine to go back to when it was really good but I have my viewmaster.

I went to Walt Disney World once, when I was 13. I’d been to Epcot before that. I don’t remember much. But I just read this book, Realityland, by David Koenig. He is clearly a Disney person and has written several books on the parks. Like him, I am ok with scratching off the pixie dust and seeing the grit. This book turned into the saddest book I have ever read. Even after Walt died (before the park even opened), the old guard tried to live up to his standards. Everything was pretty ok until Michael Eisner. Fuck him! Fuck Michael Eisner! Despite his shortcomings, Walt Disney was a dreamer and a king.

Dalì was a fan and at that Dalì: Painting & Film exhibit, you could watch the modern-day finish of their animated collaboration and see all the trimmings. There was also a portrait of Walt that he painted but I can’t find an image of it. Maybe I made it up.

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