I stopped feeling guilty a while ago about not doing Halloween activities on October 31 (Hence, it’s November 1). It has a lot to do with the numbskulls who run around all drunk and floozy like in awful wasteful costumes in this town. It has more to do with living CREEPY ALL YEAR///staying sick —>

A Memorable Halloween:

Seeing the Cramps and lurking Hollywood Forever.











Regardless, at heart it is a beautiful and magical day, as are the days that follow.

From NASA:

Halloween and the Ghost Head Nebula
Credit: Mohammad Heydari-Malayeri (Observatoire de Paris) et al., ESANASA

Explanation: Halloween’s origin is ancient and astronomical. Since the fifth century BC, Halloween has been celebrated as a cross-quarter day, a day halfway between an equinox (equal day / equal night) and a solstice(minimum day / maximum night in the northern hemisphere). With a modern calendar, however, the real cross-quarter day will occur next week. Another cross-quarter day is Groundhog’s Day. Halloween’s modern celebration retains historic roots in dressing to scare away the spirits of the dead. Perhaps a fitting tribute to this ancient holiday is this view of the Ghost Head Nebula taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. Similar to the icon of a fictional ghost, NGC 2080 is actually a star forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way Galaxy. The Ghost Head Nebula spans about 50 light-years and is shown in representative colors.

Lastly, darling Marie of Agent Lover fame, screen-capper extraordinaire, put together this fantastic list of spooky babes, and Angeliska compiled these links that I’m sure I’ll be mining for months.

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