Celebrity Crush


I was driving back from the Northeast Kingdom today, and I remembered one of my very important celebrity crushes. This was one of my first. It’s the water demon from a video we had when I was a kid, My Little Ponies: Flight to Cloud Castle.

Let me also say that the sound effects had a profound….effect on me as well. My favorite is the magic twinkling sound the fire lizard makes with his…fire. Ok.

He appears towards the end of the video above:

I was maybe 7 years old when my sister and I watched this video the most, and I was into him. He looks strikingly similar to another (cartoon) celebrity crush…and I only have a crush on Snake because he looks like the water demon!

One time when I was maybe 11 or 12 we were on a road trip and we stopped at a Burger King and there was a manager there who looked JUST LIKE  Water Demon/Snake. My heart stopped. It was very emotional.

I have two other celebrity cartoon crushes (that I can think of right now)…

Toki from Dethklok (Metalocalypse), no brainer there. The last one needs no introduction because I know I am not the only non-furry weirdo who has it bad for this guy…

I’m not even jealous of Marion because she’s so pretty.

To end on a real-world note, I would like to mention that when my friends played around here recently (Redwing Blackbird), they covered Not In Nottingham and dedicated it to me. Very happy making. Thank you boys.

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