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Nobody reads this anyway, but I don’t care. Something horrible happened and I feel like puking. I messed up after packing up everything in my car in preparation for my move to Texas. I DID NOT LOCK IT. I had a meltdown and forgot I guess. Then I messed up again. I realized someone had […]



I’m excited about being in Vermont for this bit of winter, and there’s an eclipse tonight, and then the solstice…on on the other side of my brain universe are these summery pictures that I just scanned. They’re from a Fuji disposable camera. I really think that is my spirit camera…we get along very well. Guess […]



While my art is usually installed on, say, a window sill or in a box in my dad’s basement, right now it is in TWO REAL LIVE PLACES. It’s been hanging at the Monkey House in Winooski, VT for about a month , where it will probably be for the next 2 days; it is […]