Nobody reads this anyway, but I don’t care. Something horrible happened and I feel like puking. I messed up after packing up everything in my car in preparation for my move to Texas. I DID NOT LOCK IT. I had a meltdown and forgot I guess. Then I messed up again. I realized someone had been in my car, rifled through, and stolen 2 shirts I was going to send to my sister, as well as this hat.

I haven't made that face since 2005

Some stuff was on the floor, but I didn’t notice anything missing, so I did not call the police. WHY? Because my brain melted when I was packing, and I got too tipsy the night before to remember to take all valuables from my car.

Today I thought, gee, maybe I should check for my cameras! We were already 1000 miles away from Burlington. I checked. No cameras! I guess I’ve done all I can do for now, but here is a visual inventory of what was taken. About a $grand$ in total.

Within my beloved Timbuk2 messenger bag, which looks kind of like this, except black with red in the middle, and older, and beat up…

…there were 6 cameras. One being an old Polaroid Spirit 600, like this one…

Mine was (is) missing the eyepiece and the strap. It is junk but I love it. Also, a 4 pack of Polaroid 600 film. The end of my stash, which lasted me 3 years or so. And, my ancient Holga.

Mine has a red and black shoe-string like strap. There is also a sticker on the top, a red dinosaur sticker. Do you remember Highlights magazine? The sticker came from there in the early 90s.

Also missing, my new white Fuji Instax Mini, which was a sweet gift.

There was also a Canon DSLR, a Rebel EOS I think, I couldn’t pick it out of a lineup, but we were getting to know each other and I liked it. There were also 3 packs of Polaroid Spectra image film. That stuff is like gold.

There was also a second bag, which my friend Adam gave to me in high school, and inside the bag in a secret pocket on the back is a card he wrote to me. The bag is hot pink. It is a mini backpack. It is from Benneton. Inside the bag is my first camera, which is really my mom’s, she bought it new in 1976 and it breaks my heart that it’s gone. It looks like this:

It was on an ugly maroon neoprene strap that I bought in high school. It’s got a 50 mm lens on with a generic lens cap and some sky filter. The last camera is a very ugly Polaroid Spectra that I kind of hated anyway. I think it was a Spectra 2, with a crumbling velcro handstrap. Kind of like this:

These are my favorite possessions. I know it’s just stuff, and I’m doing ok, looking for a possible message from the universe, but I’m pretty bummed. More than bummed I feel incredibly stupid for everything I did to allow this.

I still have my Canon g7, and there’s another Polaroid at my dad’s, and I also left behind the most precious 80 year old Kodak that belonged to my Grandma. I guess I will go full-time on the Fuji disposables now.

One Response to “*@&!#?!!!”

  1. 1 eliza

    oh buddy. so so sad for you :(

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