I’m going a little soupy on account of the homework. But I made something for someone. Sh.

I am basically over cameras right now and my new MACHINE is not 100 computer years old so it has Photobooth. Hello, Future. Hello, sublet room with tall bed. See my cool jean jacket? I would rather have my jean jacket than all my cameras at this point (lie). I’ve had it since I was 13. I probably wore it to prom (did I go to prom?).

All I want to do is read Cruddy and I think I left it in Vermont. Did it get stolen along with my bunny calendar and my bobby pins? Anyway Lynda Barry has a newish book and she is so cool, here is an interview with her. I would love to buy her a beer. I would mostly like to read Cruddy for the one hundredth time, it’s my security blanket.

Total fucking drag, Annie. What are you, hypnotized? Here. Look. You saw some critters.

Travis cannot live in the wild. He was raised as a pet and now lives at the Austin Nature and Science Center. Here he is thinking about Susan who is far far away.

Then I got tattooed by a kindly and wise tattooer. That was pretty good. Ahem. Would you like to see a picture of him? Well, you can’t.

I biked for approx. 27 hours with my buddy John and went to the Mean Eyed Cat. And yesterday I saw a Carolina Wren, my first! Lovely. I have purchased a Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds of Texas. It’s the only hardcover field guide I have and it’s very pretty, from 1967, and get this, it came from the Choctaw Nation Multi-County Library, as well as the Buckley Public Library, both in Poteau, OK, where the last time it was checked out was 1978.

Special thanks to my Backyard Birdsong book, which helped me rightly identify the little guy. *Pushes glasses up nose* I would be really embarrassed if  got the wrong wren.


  1. 1 mittens

    i LOVE cruddy.
    it was the first thing i read in forever that i got really excited about.
    i think lynda barry lives up in my mind somewhere.
    when you are missing home just think about all the new animals surrounding you that want and need to meet you. the spring brings SO many bluejays and cardinals!

  2. did you track down Angeliska and make friends yet!?

    • 3 Captain Annie

      ah not yet, I’m too chicken! still a little shell shocked and nervous around here…it’ll happen, I’m sure.

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