Pity Party


I have kind of progressively regressed back into my demented teenage self since I moved here. I’m possibly backing out of the (underage) party animal phase into artsy le girl Amelie hermit mode. It’s easier that way. My heart’s too soft, y’all. I also have too much to do. It’s probably better at this point for me to bake and listen to music I find cripplingly pretty rather than pretend I’m good at being social. It’s not sad! It’s just the way it is! Here is a thing I just made, it’s about Future Islands, because y’all, I love Future Islands.

Wow that looks really stupid. It looks slightly better in real life.

Here is the boring part! It is my version of tweeting all the cool stuff I did at SXSW but I don’t use Twitter and no one reads my blog so no one will be jealous.

SXSW ruled thanks to one Graeme Flegenheimer and our new friend Beans. I think I did a good job for my first one. I behaved relatively irresponsibly, but it was spring break, and I still went to work. And throughout the week I actually began to feel much more centered and I like Austin a little bit now. Also, it became spring, really quickly, and I live among the trees so it’s super pleasant. I drank a lot of beer and saw a lot of bands. Here is a list regardless of whether I cared or not. No, I’ll just list the good ones. TV on the Radio, Yeasayer (totally by surprise in the beautiful Moody Theater, where I saw DEVO last week omg), Austra, 1 song by Braids from across the street (that sufficed, I really wanted to see them), tUnE-yArDs, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper /Olof Arnalds/Ted Leo/Sam Amidon/Sharon van Etten (light of my life, Sharon, why are you so great) at the beautiful Swan Dive, some junk, Beans!, I heard Yuck from upstairs at Barbarella and saw Screaming Females right after they played, then a magical evening at Shangri-La: Beach Fossils, Hunx and his Punx, Fergus & Geronimo (who do a very respectable cover of “Girl U Want”), and the Fresh and Onlys, and some other stuff…then my house turned into a youth hostel with a dog named Old Baby included, and really nice youths, even though one of them has my sunglasses now. Friday I realized I hadn’t done any homework all week and I was going to stay home but a fellow Burlingtonian told me Exene was playing, so I rode my bike up one of my least favorite hills in town and got really grossly sweaty, but arrived just in time to see her. Then we went over to Mohawk to see Sharon again. I meant to go home but a new friend told me about Personal and the Pizzas which he described as a pizza themed garage band. That is a path to my heart. I went over there and it was everything you’d want from a band about pizza. Then we ate some pizza and drank some beers and talked about the SUPER MOON and then my neighbor and I biked home. The weekend is fuzzy…that’s right, because I was AT WORK. I had dinner with lil Graeme and another Burlington friend of ours, then at 2 am I brought Graeme to the Greyhound station and I realized I was going to miss him SO MUCH. He is the most magical gay 19 year old in Los Angeles and everyone loves and fears him.

Also I saw Motorhead fucking FINALLY the week before and it was a wonderful evening all around.

But honestly. Angioplasty Media, why are you booking so many good shows in a row that I can’t go to? And now Future Islands in June? Hey, internet, again, I love Future Islands deeply. I am thinking about quitting my job and not doing summer school and driving up to Vermont for the month of June, starting with Future Islands at the Monkey and ending with what will certainly be the wedding of the century (Beff + Tyse). Is this a good idea? Don’t answer that.

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