I’ve been making a lot of stuff, and I’m going to say it’s about me faking control, because it looks tidier than my actual brainpan emissions. It might just be the product of looking at the internet. I can even qualify that by saying that I AM EXCITED about the times we live in. I don’t remember ever saying that. I am getting my anachronism under control! #1 reason: school is awesome! Not just because I love libraries, books, lists, collecting, and information in general. It is also because the shapes those things are taking are rapidly changing and no one is really sure how it’s supposed to work, but we’re all thinking wicked hard about it. You hear that, America? Your future librarians and archivists and information people are exceptionally interesting and thoughtful and nerdy people. It’s going to be ok.

There are a lot of things happening in the world that have been happening for years and I get it now. I’ve been sort of tangentially into them but kind of in an embarrassed way. Ok I was never embarrassed about liking Lightning Bolt and Paper Rad, that would be stupid. But I can embrace things like this now in a way I was previously unable.

I don’t really get 17 year olds on Tumblr getting jazzed on the inane floral prints of the 90s and fake mystical bullshit. I get this dog, though. This dog fucking rules. What was annoying in 2006 was the assholes at Vice telling me that I should be into this dog. JUST GIVE ME A MINUTE WHILE YOU MATURE, INTERNET. There are things happening, there are people making things that I feel are very now and god that’s amazing. Why recycle things without any irony? Just about everything has been done, yes. So good gravy, rip it all the fuck up and build it new. I’m going to link to a fucking pdf of a Guggenheim report right now that gets into that a little more eloquently.

But really, this is basically  just to say that last week, I finally felt ok about getting an iPhone. Here is a sort of retarded story (I mean that in the actual sense of the word): I went to the UT library and I couldn’t find a goddamned computer to look up a goddamned book (?!?!), so I used my goddamned phone. It was amazing. HELLO ANNIE you don’t have to live in the olden days because you are proud and come from rocky soil.

The stuff I’ve been making is way more boring than this would suggest, sorry, I’ll spare you for now, internet.

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