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New Hampshire


I had a lovely 48 hours in New England. As soon as the plane landed in Boston at about midnight, I felt it. It’s home, y’all. I belong there! I rented a car and made my way up to Peterborough, the fine little town where I spent my formative years. I’m happy that a lot […]



I should mention that I will be joined at Broke by some special guests including a hematoma and carpal tunnel. Fun crew! Bring us sandwiches and if I make enough money to cover my rental car I will not make any sacrifices to any gods be happy. Here, a song. Here, some more junk.



Holy MOLY. School’s out! For like a month! AND on Thursday I depart Texas for 2 glorious days in New Hampshire for The Thing in the Spring. I’ll be selling my weirdo recent art at a little thing called *broke: the affordable arts fair. I did it the last time around, 2 years ago, and […]