Holy MOLY. School’s out! For like a month! AND on Thursday I depart Texas for 2 glorious days in New Hampshire for The Thing in the Spring. I’ll be selling my weirdo recent art at a little thing called *broke: the affordable arts fair. I did it the last time around, 2 years ago, and it was a hoot. I like peddling my subversive wares to the unsuspecting. Word to the wise, I dust everything I make with just a fine layer of evil.

I haven’t lived in New Hampshire in about 8 years but my formative times were spent in Peterborough and I’m lucky to still have some wonderful buddies there who are doing magical things and who like what I do too! I’ve been a busy little bee, drawing and carving and cutting and pasting away, here’s a little something I made that will NOT be available! Ha! Because it belongeth to someone already. But expect similar weirdness to be seen at least here on my piece of the neenernets.
d e m i g o a t

One Response to “BROKE’D”

  1. 1 jaime duggan

    ‘scuse me. i LOVE your wizardgoat. can i talk to you summore about this, please? i reckon i want it in a sort of permanent way. i love it.

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