New Hampshire


I had a lovely 48 hours in New England.

As soon as the plane landed in Boston at about midnight, I felt it. It’s home, y’all. I belong there! I rented a car and made my way up to Peterborough, the fine little town where I spent my formative years. I’m happy that a lot of my buddies from over the years still live in the area. I got there at about 3:30 or so. Thanks for waking up, Eric!

I went by my high school the next day and my old friend Jung showed me around. They have an observatory now. SPACE CLUB. Then we went to the pub for a beer, and some Burlington buddies rolled into town. Nick even brought me a burrito. SO MANY BUDDIES. Then we went to see Thurston Moore play and drink secret beers by the river.

Saturday was the main event, *broke. This was the third one; I had a table at the second one two years ago, and it was the first time I’d sold any art. That’s when I met Patt Kelley, who rules, and my other neighbor was the incomparable Ryan Wilson; broke is his and Mary’s brainchild. Ryan and his wife Becky started this super cool kids’ magazine, Moo Cow Fan Club, back in the day and he is a long-time supporter of my crackpot endeavors. He used to let me do some illustrations for them, and they were not very good. Sorry Ryan. He also sold my zines in the record store he and Eric managed, where I did much loitering. What a guy! They are in China now and they love it.

This time I was in a stellar row of rad ladies…between super knitter and tiny book maker Emily Bingham and old friend Shanna who works in metal and leather. I have a juice glass of hers in my juice glass collection. Right beyond her was Emily Drury who does all kinds of lovely things. I have this shirt she screened with a pterodactyl skeleton, it rules. Behind me was Rachel Garceau, who makes beautiful pottery (although she is falling in love with metal lately in North Carolina). Last year at the Thing in the Spring, I shared a space with Mary, Emily D and Rachel. I sort of wrote about it.

Anyway I sold a bunch of stuff, lots went to friends, which is always a plus. I picked up a few lovely things, too, of course. Lots more buddies came through, including my oldest friends of all time. It was busy all day which is great for such a small town, but there is real live community there. I’m not around much anymore but the way I see it, Eric and Mary (who got married a few months back, yay) are really manning the helm of the next wave of Peterborough culture. It’s always been a seat of creativity–The MacDowell Colony is there, so duh–but they are visible, accessible, young, wonderful people and it makes me so happy to know them.

So here’s some of the stuff I was happy to send into the world. Well, that’s a lie. I still have the first one. It might just have to live in my kitchen.


goat baby


Afterwards all I wanted was some Pizza Barn pizza, so we got some of that. Then we went to see J. Mascis play. Then we went to see Cokeweed and MMOSS play. Then I took a hundred years to say goodbye to everyone and cried just a little bit because I was so happy to be there, and remember how lucky I am to have so many wonderful friends, and I was sad to know that where I live now, I just don’t belong. I try not to think about it too much, but I just do not fucking belong in Austin. I love school, I am excited for my new job (in a photo archive!!!) but man, I miss my friends. (though I’m making some good ones here, don’t get me wrong.) It has been pretty cool to see communities come together…Peterborough and Keene, and then Burlington too. And I should be there! I must be some kind of idiot! Anyway. It was amazing. It was amazing. I hold it in my heart. xoxo.

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