I’m a busy bee this summer! I’m working full time in a photo archive and taking a class in databases and PHP aka “What is this computer fuckery and woah wait do I understand it and kind of like it?”

Last weekend I went to LA and met my niece, Fauna. All of us were there which doesn’t happen much. She is basically a month old baby but she is so magic and sweet and I love her. My sister and Jamie are good parents. Everything I could say about it sounds so trite but it’s true! Being related to a baby, man. It’s funny like that. I made this for Fauna, in my tradition of making presents for babies that they couldn’t possibly appreciate until they are about 30.


I have a lot to say about Good Buddies but that’s for another time. I also painted this for my real life good buddies Beth and Tyson who got married in Vermont last month. I had a beautiful time back home, despite travel fiascos, and I did not want to come back.

big love

I took some pictures but I’m still emotionally blighted by the Great (terrible) Camera Theft of 2011 and do not care to do anything with them. So there.

I’m going to make a zine, something I haven’t done in a few years. I’m excited.

3 Responses to “Hi.”

  1. Pretty!! I love the wedding one, and yay for new baby nieces!

    You’ll have to send me VT friends to make friends with because we’ll be moving back soon!

  2. 2 jaime duggan

    so lovely! would you ever consider doing something similar, on commission? please let me know.

  3. 3 mooman

    whoa, i just found this. xoxo -mooman

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