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heat vision


School’s back in and I’m SUPER EXCITED. Not only for weirdo museum visits, but also to go into MEGA DEBT. I’ve decided if I can’t find a job, I will simply not care! Aces! As I gleefully tumble into mega debt, I’m going to volunteer with the Landmarks Preservation Guild and work on art instead, […]

When I first started thinking about grad school, I considered the History of Science for a long time. Library Science won out for reasons of practicality and projected intellectual engagement, I guess, and I think I made the right choice. I still get really excited about Natural and Medical Histories, and about the Enlightenment, and […]



Extra-last minute poster I cobbled together for the biggest Angioplasty show yet out of my homemade Medieval font and haunted house sketches and borrowed fancy bits… I guess the text is a little churchy, that wasn’t intentional. I almost tucked some upside-down crosses in there but I like the Unitarians ok so I decided not […]

Do we look cool? Apropos of nothing, here is a grackle wizard I made for my friend Tim. I hope he likes it. My mom does, so that’s good.