heat vision


School’s back in and I’m SUPER EXCITED. Not only for weirdo museum visits, but also to go into MEGA DEBT. I’ve decided if I can’t find a job, I will simply not care! Aces! As I gleefully tumble into mega debt, I’m going to volunteer with the Landmarks Preservation Guild and work on art instead, maybe to the point at which I will not be embarrassed to call myself an ‘Artist.’ Ha! Yeah right!

I had a tiny ‘vacation’ in New York last weekend…super buddy time, and eating and drinking just like a person on ‘vacation.’ I forgot my camera. It’s weird, I used to bring at least 3 cameras whenever I went anywhere.

I met up with Matty when I got in (thank you, Matty) and we went to the Morgan Library, shamefully for the first time. There is an extremely lovely show on view now, Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists’ Enumerations from the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art.

Total academic boner. I bought the catalog. Souvenir count = 1.

And then, Cory Arcangel and Lyonel Feininger at the Whitney.

Cory Arcangel, like so many things, got me very jazzed about my ~career path~. How could I not like someone who lovingly goofs on Sol LeWitt?

Feininger makes my heart go pitter patter. I was familiar with his Bauhaus-era paintings, but his earlier work, oof! Degenerate for life.

Also one of my all time favorite buddies came down from Maine for pancakes and I made him go to the Met with me for Boxes and Lucian Freud. I also tricked him into getting vegan ice cream. Actually the rain tricked us both into getting vegan ice cream.

I flew out late on Monday, and because everyone was at work, I wandered around ’til I got shin splints, just like the good ol’ days. Cheezy vegan breakfast at Kate’s, followed by sitting too close to the dog run at Thompkin’s Square Park (although I had a coconut water, which I spilled on myself, instead of a PBR in a paper bag like I used to do), sitting in the sun with Catherine, a visit to my old workplace, and finally, a fake BLT from Red Bamboo. Red Bamboo, I miss thee. This is especially important because I got it to go and they gave me this, one of my Comfort Objects.


I am inexplicably moved by a paper bag inside a plastic bag. Souvenir count = 2.

Back in Texas it is still over 100°, and I really feel like I need to actively make peace with this town. I am a basically posi person, but I think on some dippy astral level Austin knows that I am, overall, unimpressed (and would usually rather be almost any other place I have ever been) and thus Austin wants to either kill me or make me grumpy; maybe the Universe is trying to guide me towards an attitude adjustment. Karma? I am good natured as all hell, so this is tough for me. In all likelyhood, it’s just the heat. But I’m trying, Austin! I just got back from the farmer’s market for goodness’ sake! I’ve been going there on Saturdays to drink my weekend coffee and buy some squash. Unlike the eastern seaboard, which is currently besieged by Hurricane Irene, the Texas drought is going strong, slowly killing all life, so it’s nice to hand my hard earned dollars over to some nice farmers. I think this academic experiment of not working, as well as moving and thus no longer dealing with my goonly roomie will improve things. Forge ahead!

Happy thoughts!


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