So, I moved, to the general neighborhood that I like in town. And it’s good. I have two chairs, so if you came over for some popcorn and iced tea, you would be able to sit down like a civilized human. I guess I’ll take some pictures soon. And just after I’d moved, which is just after the new semester at school started, I was driving around doing errands (and it was really hot, as usual, and I thought I was going nutsy cuckoo, because I was hollering nonsense, which helped). And I went to Wheatsville and I was in the parking lot in my car and I suddenly realized that I like Austin. I said, “I like Austin!” I apologize for the ungrateful whining I’ve been doing. My quality of life has improved a thousand times!

Yesterday, I went to the Pioneer Farms. You know, one of those living history museum kind of places. And even though it’s September and still blazing hot, and buddies in Vermont are teasing me with talk of hoodies and apple cider and being cold and hiking, I said to myself, “Hey. I love Texas.”

Fredric Kruger Homestead

I mean, one of the buildings was the homestead of the FREDERIC KRUGER family.

It’s a sweet place, mostly volunteers working there, a few of them were hanging out with their families on the job. I talked to a guy about tipis for a while, that was cool. It is still technically Austin but it was nice to get out of town for a minute, and pet some donkeys. (I thought there would be goats. No goats.)

What else have I been doing? Reading roughly a thousand pages a week (including this book, which ruled, because science rules), and drawing dumb shit for my impending zine!

I also went to LA at the beginning of the month for Fauna time. My sister, my mom and Fauna and I went for a hike at Topanga, that ruled.


Here’s a really good picture that my mom took.


I also went to FYF. Buddy Time! Future Islands! Overpriced snacks and creepy dust! It was super. I can’t wait for Fun Fun Fun.

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