Hi! It’s October! It’s been officially Fall for 10 days but now it is legit.

I am hardwired for fall. I’ve only had one autumn outside of the Northeast, but there was a little bit more weather happening in LA than there is in Texas. (And very different circumstances.) Magically, it’s under 70 this morning (it was before 9 anyway), but even with the last few days being close to 100 I’ve still been feeling compelled to put on some flannel, drink hot coffee, and go pick apples or pumpkins and kick dead leaves. This sums it all up:

Since I am poor, I’m probably stuck here. I’ve subverted those fucked up weather-based urges into baking instead. I made some super black metal wheat free vegan chocolate chip cookies (from the Veganomicon), and some beautiful sweet potato burgers (recipe from my mom), and I am making muffins RIGHT NOW OH SHIT I HAVE TO TAKE THEM OUT OF THE OVEN

Even though I don’t get real fall, I’ll take what you’ve got, Texas. Here are some greatest hits from real autumn times in other climes.

roosevelt island is where, that's where


One Response to “OCTOBER”

  1. 1 Herman Knotts

    The bangs…wow.

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