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THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS YEAR I missed my buddies so much//made some really wonderful new buddies//reconnected with old buddies// I became an auntie to a beautiful niece One time I was riding my bike on E. 5th and a kid on a BMX said, “Hey pretty girl on a bike” I finally got […]



This is a list of the songs that I am pretty sure I listened to the most this year, in roughly chronological order. Phantom Buffalo, “Golden Finish” The Killing Joke, “In Excelsis” Parlovr, “Pen to the Paper” Sparks, “Falling in Love with Myself Again” Ramones, “Needles and Pins” Psychic TV, “White Nights” Future Islands, “Beach […]



BEHOLD IT IS FINISHED Every few years I make a dumb zine and I’m all like, please get this trash out of my house, it is embarrassing to be around. It would make a horrible holiday gift. On the real, there are only 100 of them and the cover is a real live linoleum print. […]

I can basically finally not be academic for the next like 7 weeks. I can read so many articles about the internet and not even have to take notes! I can learn a programming language for fun! I can read books about serial killers or bunnies or history or anything! This is just a message […]



In other news I made a poster and it is already wrong apparently? I will fix it! I still have no idea what I am doing.

I will now tell you why I think photo archives are important, and why I am SUPER STOKED as a photographer/artist/visual/thinking person to work in a photo archive. Let’s look at some things. These are kind of boring, right? Kind of embarrassing? I have been thinking about this, how there are some really banal things […]