Every few years I make a dumb zine and I’m all like, please get this trash out of my house, it is embarrassing to be around. It would make a horrible holiday gift.

On the real, there are only 100 of them and the cover is a real live linoleum print. It is 5.5″ x 4.25″. It is $5. I would even take $4 if you are suspicious that it is as sucky as I claim. $5! Includes shipping! Dumb drawings! Deep thoughts!

Do you want one? That’s weird.

Paypal me at dangerpaws @ hotmail.com (don’t bother sending me spam, it would be very hard to tell apart from the regular spam I already get) with yr address. I’ll put it on Etsy if you really want but that sounds like more work. Or you can email me if you want to make a sweet trade or send me a sock full of quarters instead.

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