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I’ve been thinking about high school for whatever gawd-awful reason, and how like, I wasn’t embarrassed about myself then. Which is great, but I’m embarrassed now thinking about things I did in high school? What the heck is going on with that? Anyway I must just be regressing, also I am probably just super repressed […]



Sometimes it’s all too much, you know? Winter’s just winter, I guess. DEEP THOUGHTS ABOUT Ephemerality The Now The Past, I guess The Future, pretty much NOT mortality, that’s boring

Super important edits: I also drank a can and a half of orange juice on New Year’s Day I also listened to One Day by Sharon Van Etten a zillion times (+ she was just on teevee! Go Sharon go!) Embarrassing personal admission: I finally got an Austin Public Library card yesterday. ART NEWS File […]



(Why haven’t I been reading Art Fag City forever?) PART I: Pretty Boring I had a magical moment at PS1: I’ve been trying to remember Mark Lombardi’s name for 8 actual months, and lo, there hung his drawing, and it was so (the 9/11 show is pretty great I think). This magical moment was preceded […]



Happy New Year, Earth people. I moved to Austin a year ago. I realized this on the plane in LA. I am home now. What I consumed today, in order: A Vitamin Water Crazy LA Chinatown dim sum: tea, weird straw mushroom dumplings, creepy fishy seaweed salad, Chinese broccoli A ginger ale A Pacifico (hair […]