Super important edits:

I also drank a can and a half of orange juice on New Year’s Day

I also listened to One Day by Sharon Van Etten a zillion times (+ she was just on teevee! Go Sharon go!)

Embarrassing personal admission: I finally got an Austin Public Library card yesterday.


File under iconoclasm:
Carmen Tisch, a 36 year old Denver woman, bodily molested Clyfford Still’s painting 1957-J-No.2, causing what is called $10,000 worth of damage. She was apparently drunk, and it might be an Occupy-type statement thing. Or not.
Huffington Post: Carmen Tisch Charged With Criminal Mischief After Punching, Urinating Next To A $30 Million Clyfford Still Painting
Art Fag City: Woman Pees On, About, or Around Clyfford Still Painting
Quigley’s Cabinet: Soils Spoils

Speaking of Occupy, how about this? A Discussion on Facebook About “Occupy Museums”

The original statement made me squirm a little. The comments are pretty good. All I will say is that museums need money to stay open, that any curator worth her salt will privilege ideas over money in crafting exhibitions (I guess blockbuster shows are the antithesis of this idea, but see my first point), and yes, art prices are inflated, but museums generally take things off the market (which kind of kills them). Also, corporate sponsorship is certainly creepy (especially when it’s like, BP, wtf is going on there) but again, museums need money to stay open, and there is at least a kernel of real value in corporate interest in art? That is opening up a whole can of worms. I am ambivalent but the art world is so multifaceted…yes, I am an Art History person, but I’m an artist too, and the pith of it is this: anyone can make art, but artworks do not belong to everyone. Without going down the rabbit hole of Intellectual Property, ideas are for everyone. I’m about to get angry. Museums are for everyone. In conclusion, I refer everyone to the work of the Guerrilla Girls:

(You guys, there was space for one more name, what about Louise Bourgeois?)

Finally, more fodder for thought on corporate support of art and iconoclasm: More than $100M in art lost in 9/11 attacks

Realizing that I use the idea of performing certain activities (like shopping for pants) as conceptual art as a coping mechanism, I appreciate this: WTF is Performance Art? (Answer: not Gaga.)

WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CYBORGS. I am glad that’s true…it resolves a lot of circular thinking for me. Thank you, Donna Haraway.

Enough of that. Look at this thing that Nick and I found in our hallway a couple years ago, which I was happy to see when I was back in VT:

We believed that it was made by a neighbor. This neighbor, whom we called Darkness, did not want to talk to us. He read tarot cards on the street.

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