I’ve been thinking about high school for whatever gawd-awful reason, and how like, I wasn’t embarrassed about myself then. Which is great, but I’m embarrassed now thinking about things I did in high school? What the heck is going on with that?

Anyway I must just be regressing, also I am probably just super repressed because SCHOOL IS BACK IN and I’m trying to BEHAVE which means I just want to go behave poorly, i.e. go to a stupid show and get my teeth kicked in by skinny people. Maybe I am trying to do it all over again and not be embarrassed for myself. So like, I’ve been making my zine since I was in high school. And it is so intensely personal, why do I even do it? I don’t want attention, really. Just a little bit of attention. Is this just me making an excuse to say please pay me a little bit of attention//also please take these zines away from me? It isn’t dumb, like I have claimed it is, ok? I made them take some at Domy books. Domy is great, y’all.

Why am I even putting this on the internet? Because that’s what a 17 year old who does not g a f would do?

Ugh in order to redeem myself//remind myself that I am an adult with interests, I am super excited for a talk that is happening on Thursday. Sina Najafi and Jeffrey Kastner: at a time, and in a room, neither of which could possibly be more convenient for me. Is it destiny? CABINET MAGAZINE IS WONDERFUL.

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