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I guess I should start planning for the one art thing I ever do: BROKE at The Thing in the Spring! The Thing is a magical weekend in Peterborough, New Hampshire, where I spent my formative years. Buddies, funtimes, and apparently there are going to be some MIND BLOWING SHOWS. Did I take any pictures […]



I know everyone depends on me to make really awesome great Valentines and then not send them out, so I’ve done it again. But wait! I made this 4 u 2 print out and fold like in middle school. Click the pic for a larger file than you could possibly need. I made like 2 […]



I went to this talk thing the other night. The invited speaker was an art history PhD student and lecturer at another college, and the topic was the PROFUSION OF IMAGES. He invited a lady designer whom he had met once before. He chose her because she, to him, seems to be able to edit […]