I went to this talk thing the other night. The invited speaker was an art history PhD student and lecturer at another college, and the topic was the PROFUSION OF IMAGES. He invited a lady designer whom he had met once before. He chose her because she, to him, seems to be able to edit her influences well, or at the very least, she seems to have limited influences (in a good way?). This is interesting to me because I think restraint and good curation are important things to exercise as artists and as human beings in America. But I guess this topic is pretty tired already. I think the man speaker had a lot of interesting thoughts that maybe did not get explored, because the lady speaker spent a lot of time talking about how she ignores a lot of things, and effectively made herself sound like a big snob. Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. Maybe she did not intend to speak about how she puts up blinders, or about how maybe not everyone should build dresses or make art because they actually suck at it. But I guess this is the thing, that we are all CONSTANTLY BARRAGED WITH INFORMATION AND IMAGES ALL THE TIME, and our BRAINS ARE LIGHTING UP LIKE CHRISTMAS TREES WHAT IS HAPPENING. And you know, whatever. My eyes hurt when I look at too many things on the computer, and I feel a little crazy, but whatever. People who can see see things. Ok. If you don’t want to look at other people’s shitty ~creations~ that is too damn bad!

Basically these are things that individuals (i.e. me) need to work out for themselves. “How do you know how well you are synthesizing all of these things you look at?” is a question I think about. Are people just all copying each other if their art looks similar? I mean, that’s the history of art, pretty much. Everything has been done before, but at the same time, NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE. Just do a thing, ok? Because in this nutty world where, for example, you can buy this thing, which I think is really beautiful, and is probably not objectively beautiful, and is a lot of money, for sure…well, things are just nuts, ok? So just make a thing.

Even though at least 50% of the time people will probably think you are just making a joke, or wasting your time.

Really though it is difficult to make things look exactly how you want them to look, and to know when to stop. Not stop making things, but to stop making a thing.

So, here is a poster I made for a show in Burlington:

I think Daniel Higgs is, objectively, very cool. I listen to the Skull Defekts a lot these days.

I had been feeling crazy and sad and then I worked on that flyer and I felt much better. I realized that if I’m not drawing or making a project or something I get really depressed. Isn’t that a great thing to realize?

Finally I want to sneak in this piece of information which is that I have a big art crush on Nathaniel Russel. I like his work very much and he seems nice. I am thinking now about the essay in the excellent “What The Hell Are You Doing? The Essential David Shrigley” (which my dear friend Denise gave to me without even knowing I wanted it) but re-reading it I don’t really want to talk about it. I wil exercise restraint and just say I like Nathaniel Russel and now I am going to go try and draw.

ETA: ALSO my friend had a BABY and his name is Oscar. Isn’t that great? That baby is lucky. :-)

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  1. it’s been two months, but- is this bag sill ready to party?

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