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I realized recently that I acquired a LOT of t-shirts this year. Tee shirts. T shirts. OK. I was so busy getting t shirts that I did not blog at all! Here is blog post with the ART T SHIRTS that I got in 2014, in order (I think). My friend Randy, who works in […]



I wanted to make a little book of the instant photos I took in LA at the end of December, so I decided to do my first experiment with print-on-demand. Trevor has made some nice things with MagCloud, so I tried that. I think it came out nicely. :-) Trevor has one, so there’s that. […]

So before I went to New Hampshire, I challenged myself to make a super quick zine. It started with a beautiful phrase I came up with at work: Dogs in the Public Domain. I googled dogs in the public domain and found some beauties. I also cut some shapes out of paper, they are in crystal […]

When can I stop? Soon? I hear I get to do nothing in about 5 days. That will be cool. ~not complaining~ Here are some gross scans of a bunch of dumb stuff that I made then put in frames then put in the mail. I will be peddling these ridiculous wares at BROKE on June 9 […]

I have said some pretty terrible things about Thomas Kinkade in my time. I have been saying things about him for years. And although my gut reaction to his death was snarky as hell, I think his “oeuvre” raises a lot of important questions that are asked over and over again concerning ART in this […]



As an alternative to my half baked huh what rants, here’s a pretty good post from BOOKFORUM about MoMA, Twitter, Celebrity Truffle Hounds, and MoMA chief curator Klaus Biesenbach: Klaus Werk As AFC (xo) says: “Choire Sicha thinks Biesenbach’s tweets underscore the direction MoMA is heading in, and I’m not sure I like it. Can I […]

Attribution on the internet has been really weirdly perverted. And Tumblr, I ♥ u, but I kind of blame you. So I am sort of about to go on a rant, and I am going to leave things out. At the heart of my rant, however, is what I sense to be an ever-more-apparent anxiety […]



Oh hey Um, so, yeah so did you know that I have friends Well I don’t know if that girl is my friend but whatever



I guess I should start planning for the one art thing I ever do: BROKE at The Thing in the Spring! The Thing is a magical weekend in Peterborough, New Hampshire, where I spent my formative years. Buddies, funtimes, and apparently there are going to be some MIND BLOWING SHOWS. Did I take any pictures […]



I know everyone depends on me to make really awesome great Valentines and then not send them out, so I’ve done it again. But wait! I made this 4 u 2 print out and fold like in middle school. Click the pic for a larger file than you could possibly need. I made like 2 […]