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I wanted to make a little book of the instant photos I took in LA at the end of December, so I decided to do my first experiment with print-on-demand. Trevor has made some nice things with MagCloud, so I tried that. I think it came out nicely. :-) Trevor has one, so there’s that. […]



Oh hey Um, so, yeah so did you know that I have friends Well I don’t know if that girl is my friend but whatever



Sometimes it’s all too much, you know? Winter’s just winter, I guess. DEEP THOUGHTS ABOUT Ephemerality The Now The Past, I guess The Future, pretty much NOT mortality, that’s boring



(Why haven’t I been reading Art Fag City forever?) PART I: Pretty Boring I had a magical moment at PS1: I’ve been trying to remember Mark Lombardi’s name for 8 actual months, and lo, there hung his drawing, and it was so (the 9/11 show is pretty great I think). This magical moment was preceded […]



Happy New Year, Earth people. I moved to Austin a year ago. I realized this on the plane in LA. I am home now. What I consumed today, in order: A Vitamin Water Crazy LA Chinatown dim sum: tea, weird straw mushroom dumplings, creepy fishy seaweed salad, Chinese broccoli A ginger ale A Pacifico (hair […]



Hi! It’s October! It’s been officially Fall for 10 days but now it is legit. I am hardwired for fall. I’ve only had one autumn outside of the Northeast, but there was a little bit more weather happening in LA than there is in Texas. (And very different circumstances.) Magically, it’s under 70 this morning […]



So, I moved, to the general neighborhood that I like in town. And it’s good. I have two chairs, so if you came over for some popcorn and iced tea, you would be able to sit down like a civilized human. I guess I’ll take some pictures soon. And just after I’d moved, which is […]

Do we look cool? Apropos of nothing, here is a grackle wizard I made for my friend Tim. I hope he likes it. My mom does, so that’s good.

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According to my computer it’s already tomorrow, already New Year’s day, but I’m in a hotel in Texas where it’s sooner. Harpo Marx is playing harp on TV and it’s nice. I’m typing this because there’s no paper in here. It’s been a busy year. I conducted an experiment with goals, in that I made […]



I’m excited about being in Vermont for this bit of winter, and there’s an eclipse tonight, and then the solstice…on on the other side of my brain universe are these summery pictures that I just scanned. They’re from a Fuji disposable camera. I really think that is my spirit camera…we get along very well. Guess […]