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Do we look cool? Apropos of nothing, here is a grackle wizard I made for my friend Tim. I hope he likes it. My mom does, so that’s good.



I’m a busy bee this summer! I’m working full time in a photo archive and taking a class in databases and PHP aka “What is this computer fuckery and woah wait do I understand it and kind of like it?” Last weekend I went to LA and met my niece, Fauna. All of us were […]



My eyeballs are swimming on account of the homework again. It is also fucking freezing. It’s 28°. What the heck. Listening to From Brussels with Love helps I guess. How about some Wire too? I am feeling pretty grown up about this grad school thing (lie). No, really. I had 3 classes and I already […]

I’m going a little soupy on account of the homework. But I made something for someone. Sh. I am basically over cameras right now and my new MACHINE is not 100 computer years old so it has Photobooth. Hello, Future. Hello, sublet room with tall bed. See my cool jean jacket? I would rather have […]