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Celebrity Crush


I was driving back from the Northeast Kingdom today, and I remembered one of my very important celebrity crushes. This was one of my first. It’s the water demon from a video we had when I was a kid, My Little Ponies: Flight to Cloud Castle. Let me also say that the sound effects had […]



I like vampire movies. I love crappy vampire movies, like The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman, aka La Noche de Walpurgis, aka Werewolf Shadow. It was made in 1970 as a coproduction between Spain and Mexico and it’s ridiculous. I want this! Then there’s Jean Rollin, who doesn’t exactly make crappy movies so much as campy, […]


When I nearly worked in fashion, I found out that Coco Rocha is gorgeous. In a spooky way. So this is ridiculous. But she is fabulous.



Oh my gosh! Whilst perusing this in preparation for my little city trip this weekend, I remembered another very important celebrity crush: Max Beckmann. I dearly love all the so-called “Degenerates,” the German expressionists and the Vienna Secessionists, et cetera. But Mr. Beckmann’s self portraits (even when he was getting pudgy and older) all exude […]