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circus circus


If this doesn’t happen now, it never will, as it’s been sitting in the cooker for almost three months and there are only 2 months left for this to be relevant, so, AHOY!   Banners by Toni-Lee Sangastiano for the Shelburne Museum. As mentioned before, I work at a fine institution of eclectic collections, Shelburne […]

museum gossip


Just so we’re clear it has been roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun has set and it is now roughly 200 degrees. This is how hot: Nobunny loves you! It’s so hot that I put my phone in the garbage and left it there for a very long time. Anyway. I  love art and museums, […]



The last time I watched a movie when I was left alone, it was The Cove. Yikes! This time it was House of the Devil. I’ve wanted to see it since I heard about it, but tonight was the NIGHT. I loved it, even though it got a little hokey hoke, I was skeered. Especially […]

mystical shit


Shit has been getting mystical in the creative ether. I’ve been drawing wolves and rabbits in fucking wizard hoods, and I couldn’t tell you why. I think it’s just an appealing aesthetic that can afford to be opaque. Because it’s mystical. Conjuring up images of pentagrams and numerology and stuff that I find really interesting […]

Phineas Gage


He’s famous.