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I heard from a friend last year that one of my favorite professors of my college career, Tony Judt, had ALS-amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lou Gherig’s disease. I felt terrible at the news, but didn’t know what I could do, as far as reaching out to him went, that wouldn’t be morbid. I just read today […]


It’s no secret that I love Disney. Really, I love Old Disney. Snow White, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, especially Bambi…they are all spectacularly beautiful movies. And I love Disneyland. I don’t have a time machine to go back to when it was really good but I have my viewmaster. I went to Walt Disney World […]

I only just found out about Louise Bourgeois! She died 2 days ago at age 98. I bet she was making art right until the end. *Edit: she was. That was how she lived. She just had to make. She was kind of a dirty old lady and I love her for that. She’s holding […]

dead sea


As if everything we have already done was not enough to show the ocean that We Do Not Care…there is this oil thing. And there is NOTHING WE CAN DO. As if we have dominion over them. We Do Not. I believe that individuals care, but our entire infrastructure is based on lack of concern […]


My favorite conversations are the ones when I can say, “I’ve been to his grave!”

Good-bye to Alexander McQueen, one of the best people who made it ok to be creepy. Once upon a time I worked near fashion, in textiles, and during fashion week, it was my job to track down images of our fabrics on the runways. Down the rabbit hole of I’d go, bored until no […]



Oh my gosh! Whilst perusing this in preparation for my little city trip this weekend, I remembered another very important celebrity crush: Max Beckmann. I dearly love all the so-called “Degenerates,” the German expressionists and the Vienna Secessionists, et cetera. But Mr. Beckmann’s self portraits (even when he was getting pudgy and older) all exude […]