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So, I moved, to the general neighborhood that I like in town. And it’s good. I have two chairs, so if you came over for some popcorn and iced tea, you would be able to sit down like a civilized human. I guess I’ll take some pictures soon. And just after I’d moved, which is […]

Do we look cool? Apropos of nothing, here is a grackle wizard I made for my friend Tim. I hope he likes it. My mom does, so that’s good.



I’m a busy bee this summer! I’m working full time in a photo archive and taking a class in databases and PHP aka “What is this computer fuckery and woah wait do I understand it and kind of like it?” Last weekend I went to LA and met my niece, Fauna. All of us were […]

I have a lot to write about. But in the spirit of NOW may I celebrate and welcome to the world Miss Fauna Susan Stern? She is my brand new niece and I love her. I am so proud of my sister and her Jamie. Happy birthday little peanut! It’s the year of the rabbit!

Grandma Susan


I recently found this upon sorting through thousands of bits of family ephemera in the great state of Michigan. There are boxes and boxes of photos and papers but this was one of my favorites. I made this sometime last year. xo e of