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As an alternative to my half baked huh what rants, here’s a pretty good post from BOOKFORUM about MoMA, Twitter, Celebrity Truffle Hounds, and MoMA chief curator Klaus Biesenbach: Klaus Werk As AFC (xo) says: “Choire Sicha thinks Biesenbach’s tweets underscore the direction MoMA is heading in, and I’m not sure I like it. Can I […]



(Why haven’t I been reading Art Fag City forever?) PART I: Pretty Boring I had a magical moment at PS1: I’ve been trying to remember Mark Lombardi’s name for 8 actual months, and lo, there hung his drawing, and it was so (the 9/11 show is pretty great I think). This magical moment was preceded […]



So, I moved, to the general neighborhood that I like in town. And it’s good. I have two chairs, so if you came over for some popcorn and iced tea, you would be able to sit down like a civilized human. I guess I’ll take some pictures soon. And just after I’d moved, which is […]

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School’s back in and I’m SUPER EXCITED. Not only for weirdo museum visits, but also to go into MEGA DEBT. I’ve decided if I can’t find a job, I will simply not care! Aces! As I gleefully tumble into mega debt, I’m going to volunteer with the Landmarks Preservation Guild and work on art instead, […]

Came across this interview with artist/tattooer Scott Campbell about how he lit his own work on fire after a really unpleasant bout with a gallery owner (Vice, big fucking surprise) in Mexico City. I totally get it! ‘There was a gas station across the street from the gallery, conveniently. I filled up a gallon and […]

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If this doesn’t happen now, it never will, as it’s been sitting in the cooker for almost three months and there are only 2 months left for this to be relevant, so, AHOY!   Banners by Toni-Lee Sangastiano for the Shelburne Museum. As mentioned before, I work at a fine institution of eclectic collections, Shelburne […]


I need a vacation. And maybe I’ll go to London if I can find a magic ticket (v. unlikely). Because this show looks so great: Close Examination: Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries. I read about it in this NYT article. Just the kind of stuff I like. And another motivator to get into archives: proper documents […]

I only just found out about Louise Bourgeois! She died 2 days ago at age 98. I bet she was making art right until the end. *Edit: she was. That was how she lived. She just had to make. She was kind of a dirty old lady and I love her for that. She’s holding […]

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A few weeks ago I went to New Hampshire to partake in THE THING IN THE SPRING. My friend Eric curates shows and his lady/also my friend Mary curates art events; this time around it was an open studio tour and she invited me to show art alongside her work, as well as that of […]


also, updated running list of must-dos in other locales: Victorian photocollage at the Met Still, the Hours of Catherine of Cleves at the Morgan My sister has informed that I will be allowed to fulfill my dreams of bowling at the Punk Rock Bowling tourney in Vegas. Wish the Adolescents were playing again, but still, […]