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Hey, so, I did a thing once, which is that I made this for my buddy’s band. I’ve known Nyiko for ages. I’m so glad he asked me to do this for Whales and Wolves!



Extra-last minute poster I cobbled together for the biggest Angioplasty show yet out of my homemade Medieval font and haunted house sketches and borrowed fancy bits… I guess the text is a little churchy, that wasn’t intentional. I almost tucked some upside-down crosses in there but I like the Unitarians ok so I decided not […]



I should mention that I will be joined at Broke by some special guests including a hematoma and carpal tunnel. Fun crew! Bring us sandwiches and if I make enough money to cover my rental car I will not make any sacrifices to any gods be happy. Here, a song. Here, some more junk.


I love October. Who doesn’t? You get carte blanche to be spooky. It’s been a really pretty fall and now I finally have time to enjoy it. I’m on the search for a white pumpkin, if there are any left to be had in the world. I guess it’s a good excuse to post all […]



A couple of weekends ago I bought this 3 cd set for $8 at a good ol’ record store. It’s not that good. I mean, I’m not a certified goth, but it’s got Lydia Lunch, Christian Death, Gene Loves Jezebel, the Damned, Echo & the Bunnymen, and the Stranglers on it, for crying out loud, […]