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I am finally reading The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes. It is wonderful. SPACE! Can you imagine discovering the infinite beauty of space, beyond what the naked eye can see? And really, everyone can do that. I want a telescope! My dad used to have a great big red one and I only remember […]

circus circus


If this doesn’t happen now, it never will, as it’s been sitting in the cooker for almost three months and there are only 2 months left for this to be relevant, so, AHOY!   Banners by Toni-Lee Sangastiano for the Shelburne Museum. As mentioned before, I work at a fine institution of eclectic collections, Shelburne […]

I only just found out about Louise Bourgeois! She died 2 days ago at age 98. I bet she was making art right until the end. *Edit: she was. That was how she lived. She just had to make. She was kind of a dirty old lady and I love her for that. She’s holding […]

lovely letters


Just found these drop caps by Jessica Hische via Nubby Twiglet. So PRETTY. It’s raining and I’m listening to Christian Death! Happy Wednesday!


When I nearly worked in fashion, I found out that Coco Rocha is gorgeous. In a spooky way. So this is ridiculous. But she is fabulous.

moving pictures


I love this, and this, two movie title stills collections, from which the following three came. (Via this, linked here.) The old ones are so lovely. They were made for the big screen, but I know I’m not the only one who likes taking pictures of the tee vee.

Good-bye to Alexander McQueen, one of the best people who made it ok to be creepy. Once upon a time I worked near fashion, in textiles, and during fashion week, it was my job to track down images of our fabrics on the runways. Down the rabbit hole of I’d go, bored until no […]

carousel tea


May I take a break from extracting money from the state to present, ladies and gentlemen, the prettiest damn dishes I’ve ever seen. I love the’s gunmetal silvery. A cursory search would have us believe these were made for FW Woolworth in 1950. They came from Nick’s Papou. Look at that design! So pretty. […]