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When I first started thinking about grad school, I considered the History of Science for a long time. Library Science won out for reasons of practicality and projected intellectual engagement, I guess, and I think I made the right choice. I still get really excited about Natural and Medical Histories, and about the Enlightenment, and […]

I’ve been making a lot of stuff, and I’m going to say it’s about me faking control, because it looks tidier than my actual brainpan emissions. It might just be the product of looking at the internet. I can even qualify that by saying that I AM EXCITED about the times we live in. I […]

I am finally reading The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes. It is wonderful. SPACE! Can you imagine discovering the infinite beauty of space, beyond what the naked eye can see? And really, everyone can do that. I want a telescope! My dad used to have a great big red one and I only remember […]


I need a vacation. And maybe I’ll go to London if I can find a magic ticket (v. unlikely). Because this show looks so great: Close Examination: Fakes, Mistakes and Discoveries. I read about it in this NYT article. Just the kind of stuff I like. And another motivator to get into archives: proper documents […]

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Just so we’re clear it has been roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun has set and it is now roughly 200 degrees. This is how hot: Nobunny loves you! It’s so hot that I put my phone in the garbage and left it there for a very long time. Anyway. I  love art and museums, […]

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As if everything we have already done was not enough to show the ocean that We Do Not Care…there is this oil thing. And there is NOTHING WE CAN DO. As if we have dominion over them. We Do Not. I believe that individuals care, but our entire infrastructure is based on lack of concern […]




Happy 20th Birthday, Hubble Telescope! I am fond of you.



The hubble telescope, once ridiculed for an error in polishing, has been tinkered with and tweaked over the years to the extent that it yields cosmic images of unconscionable beauty. Dazzle dazzle dazzle. So absurd. You ought to visit the hubble website and view the full images. Just look at this. I can’t stop. Thank […]