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Today’s APOD: The Rosette Nebula Credit & Copyright: Brian Lula Would the Rosette Nebula by any other name look as sweet? The bland New General Catalog designation of NGC 2237 doesn’t appear to diminish the appearance of this flowery emission nebula. Inside the nebula lies an open cluster of bright young stars designated NGC 2244. […]

I am finally reading The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes. It is wonderful. SPACE! Can you imagine discovering the infinite beauty of space, beyond what the naked eye can see? And really, everyone can do that. I want a telescope! My dad used to have a great big red one and I only remember […]


I stopped feeling guilty a while ago about not doing Halloween activities on October 31 (Hence, it’s November 1). It has a lot to do with the numbskulls who run around all drunk and floozy like in awful wasteful costumes in this town. It has more to do with living CREEPY ALL YEAR///staying sick —> […]



Recently the fair Queen City of Burlington and its environs have been mildly beset and besieged by a pair of plagues and nonsense. The first is the dreaded castaways of the BLACK POPLAR gone to seed. There is fuzz everywhere. It swirls in the air. It is lovely and enchanting at first. But then! It […]

mystical shit


Shit has been getting mystical in the creative ether. I’ve been drawing wolves and rabbits in fucking wizard hoods, and I couldn’t tell you why. I think it’s just an appealing aesthetic that can afford to be opaque. Because it’s mystical. Conjuring up images of pentagrams and numerology and stuff that I find really interesting […]



Happy 20th Birthday, Hubble Telescope! I am fond of you.


I like this interview at Coilhouse with Kris Kuski. “Burn your clothes and belongings and money, have a sharp chiseled stone to catch food and a grass hut to keep shelter! Or realize we live a world that is consumed by false beliefs and agreements and try to live your life without taking it all […]



The hubble telescope, once ridiculed for an error in polishing, has been tinkered with and tweaked over the years to the extent that it yields cosmic images of unconscionable beauty. Dazzle dazzle dazzle. So absurd. You ought to visit the hubble website and view the full images. Just look at this. I can’t stop. Thank […]